★SOLD-OUT★ Wool Garbardine 2pcs Black Suit - 02



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suit 02

If you love being gentle and smart then you will love this 2 piece wool gabardine suit. This smart suit set is really worth a lot of appreciation. Just get this slim fit suit and see how you will be able to alter your personality. Of course, black is the look of the season.

The detailing and the modern look as sported on the suit really give you a feel of something that’s ultra chic, ultra stylish and high end. Long lasting time less design, this perfect set of suit provides you with a top class experience. This is something any modern man would like. Whether it’s the fit or the look, this really sets apart form all the other choices. In fact, this is something that is away from the mass market. Get ahead in the fashion race by ordering this superbly tailored couture. Enhance your collection as well as your personality with this smart and stylish suit set.


  • Bespoke-Inspired All-season Slim Wool Garbardine Black Suit.
  • High-end, long-lasting and timeless design with style.
  • This gorgeous top-class suit is crafted from premium wool blends which is very soft yet durable. Its material holds shape and not wrinkle easily, which is a huge plus for anyone who has to keep up the wardrobe in top condition at all times.
  • Its refined cut and bespoke-inspired features definitely set it apart from your traditional mass-market suit.
  • Stylish and luxurious checkered pattern, and it comes with full light-weight silket lining and unfinished hem, which is always ready for custom tailoring.

A suit as handsomely tailored as this one will undoubtedly hold its own among the premium options in your collection.

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