Samurai vibe super wide draping black sweatpants - 208



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sweatpants 208
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Samurai vibe super wide draping black sweatpants

Check out this special item for your style.

- Crafted from top quality cotton blend.

- Unique and stylish design with swag.

- Comfy loose wide fit in style.

- Matches well with avant-garde style. Never miss out!


Please note that our measurements are measured flat on one side. If you don't understand the size chart or have a headache choosing a right size for you, please feel free to contact us.Please let us know your height, weight, body type and average apparel size as well. Once we have those info, we will try to find a perfect size for you. Thank you.

Normally I am nervous to wear something that look like a long skirt, but this is undeniable comfortable thing to wear! I have been receiving many positive feedbacks from people while wearing this and they admired my courage to wear this even though I am a guy. I also have other kind of skirt which is kilt, but it's shorter and I'd have to wear the compressor short under, but with this Samurai vibe sweatpants, I do not have to wear compressor short under. It's very comfortable, seriously! Would recommend this!

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