Yes, we do hear you out!

When you browse our items, you may find something really want to have, but soon realize it is out of stock or doesn't have a size for you.

We do aware this issue, indeed. However, our products have quite fast cycle and we have to deal with risk managing. We need to minimize charge of stock, but also have to maximize our customers' satisfaction.

That's the reason we prepared [On Demand] section.

It goes like this.

1. We will pick some discontinued items which get many restocking requests and popular items which don’t have multiple size options. Then, we post them as kind of 'Pre-Order' items.

2. You can pre-order the items with discounted price or other benefit.

3. When the amount of pre-orders reach certain number, we will 'revive' the item. We will proceed manufacturing for the item and will notice to all customers.

4. When manufacturing is done(expected to take a week to few weeks depend on item), we will ship the item to the customers whose put pre-order. Then, the item will be sold as normally.

5. If the item failed to reach certain amount of orders, or some kind of manufacturing difficulty occurs, the item will be remained as discontinued. However, kindly don't worry about it. We guarantee that we will proceed full refund for all of the relevant ordered.

Ps. This is a feature for our loyal fans. We encourage you to get full advantage of this feature. Also, please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other items you want to be revived or more sizes.

Ps2. Once the On Demand order is made, we will put the order status as 'Pending' until we find out whether or not we will manufacture the item.