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Hand-made Crinkle Lambskin Sneakers

Hand-made Crinkle Lambskin Sneakers - 23



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For sneaker lovers, here’s an authentic lambskin-made smart sneaker. Gone through the crinkled process, this pair of sneakers is truly the one you ought to have in your closet. Equipped with a smart style and look, these go well with almost all attires you wear. Versatile and eye-catching, you would just not be able to control your temptations to get this one.

Having a perfect contrast look, these smart sneakers are apt for your closet right now. Being an urban chic man means a lot. Just make sure that you find the right pair of shoes and sneakers so that you can give that extra cool effect. You ought to look great at almost all the events. To make your events more fruitful and eventful, here are the smart sneakers that are equally stylish as well as comfortable. You would get heaven-like coziness within. Get these fashionable sneakers right now.


  • Expensive European Touch Crinkle Lambskin Converse Sneakers.
  • To those who wish to look sophisticated and equally cool in their casual wear or if you are the type of guy with expensive taste, these luxurious lambskin leather sneakers are simply what you need and will be the perfect element to satisfy your sneaker fetish.
  • Constructed from premier Italian lambskin that is softly crinkle processed and guaranteed to look better with age.
  • From a pair of vintage jeans to a slick suit, the timeless converse design is flexible with any type of outfit you wear.
  • It's hip, stylish, sporty, and super versatile.
  • The eye-catching contrast color arrangement and slender body line create a charming European vibe.
  • The ergonomically designed sporty nonslip heels enhance a wearer's comfort and ensure his safety.

Important Notice:

These are top-class custom-made shoes, which take 8-12 business days to be ready for shipment.

Each pair will be crafted by order with the utmost care.

**Kindly be aware that cancellation is not allowed once the crafting is in progress. Return/exchange for a custom-made item could be limited **

Please make sure you are ordering the right size before you make a purchase and contact our customer service if you need any assistance regarding sizes.

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