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If you have been looking for an altogether different kind of watch then here’s a sailor watch that looks highly stylish and of the olden era. Crafted to create a vintage effect, this stylish watch can really bring in lot of options for you. Thanks to the leather strap that the watch looks highly sleek and modern. But the ultimate theme is to create the antique look and the watch succeeds in creating that look.

This interesting and eye catching piece can really be your friend for long. Make way for new things in life and get rid of the old rut. Created to make you feel special, this smart and elegant watch is truly something that would create avant-garde style in you. Enhance your closet with this very smart watch and see how you can manage to look cool and unbeatably stylish. Very unique and different in looks, this smart piece of watch can be something you ought to buy.


  • If you’re a street style urban vintage hipster.
  • Don’t leave home without this gorgeous vintage diver style watch.
  • It is certainly an interesting piece that we can guarantee you won’t be seeing this style of watch on the wrists of any of your co-workers and friends.
  • While this is a vintage-looking sporty watch.
  • The leather strap definitely makes it look sleek enough for office wear not to speak of beautifully matching with casual street style.

This watch suit's great on any casual and formal wardrobe.

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