Contrast stitch white leather lace-up boots

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Contrast stitch white leather lace-up boots

- Crafted from top quality cow hide.

- Simple yet stylish design.

- Lace-up closure with a loop.

- Matches well with any style.

These Shoes are my Favorite Shoes Hands down ever! These shoes are like clouds under my feet, it speaks to me in so many ways its always something new with these shoes maybe its the angle, or the laces, or the material, or the colours i can wear these with anything even a 10000 dollar suit. I think New Stylish struck gold with this one if there is ever a way i could custom order another one of these i would, but thanks for not overproducing this peice i cherish it even more. New Stylish makes the best experience always luxury and quality if it fits and it makes it feel like the peice was meant for me.

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