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Are you a fashion freak who loves experimenting with accessories? If yes, then try this smart and stylish necklace that sports a different yet elegant modern pendent. Crafted with triangular shape this pendent sports vintage looks and this is what makes it a different item altogether. You would really love it.

Be a fashion icon and wear this necklace that is equipped with the strap crafted out of best quality cowhide. Of course, this necklace is a piece of art and you ought to embrace this high styled thing. High in fashion and amazing in looks, this necklace is truly something you got to have in your closet. Crafted with best quality material, this necklace would impart you with the cutting edge. Created with finesse and artistic approach this divine looking necklace would impart you perfect looks. It looks highly expensive, but it is quite affordable. Try this amazing thing right now. Experiment with your urban styled looks.


  • Very unique and stylish triple triangle pendants.
  • Hangs from genuine cowhide lace.
  • Works great to complete any uber-cool casual style
  • You can easily wipe clean and wear it for years.

This will add a mysterious futuristic charm to your casual collection.

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